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B4 paper - where to buy?

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      05-16-2011, 10:43 AM
Hi there,

I am trying to get hold of B4 printing paper (preferably 100gsm) to print onto. I have two questions.

1) I'm almost sure that I can use an A3 printer to print onto B4 sized paper? (Presumably it can print onto any size lower than A3, including custom sizes?)

2) If this is the case, where can I get B4 paper from? I'm based in UK and would need it on a semi-regular basis (not every day, but every month a lot of it would be needed...)

Any suggestions/thoughts? I realise there is the option to buy A3 and use a guillotine, but that takes time that I unfortunately don't have much of!

Many thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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      05-31-2011, 12:49 AM
Search Google for B4 Paper in the UK.


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      06-11-2011, 09:59 AM

It is difficult. Google might appear obvious but if Phil got any results nearer than China I hope he will share them with this forum.
I too wish it were easy to get hold of B4, since it is an ideal size for making music booklets for holding in the hand and is in the same proportions as the ubiquitous A4.
There are two B4 sizes. The JIS is slightly larger, by a few millimetres. The only places I have seen advertising it are:
Ikonstore, connected with Ricoh copiers. They only sell to businesses and you need to register to see their website.
Elite Office Systems, also associated with Ricoh.

As I have joined too recently to post links, they have * instead of .
I haven't checked that either address still sells the product, but it is the closest I have got. The only traders I have found selling to the public have Manga comic paper, imported from Japan and far from cheap.

If you find any, please say. I suspect that the market is far greater than paper suppliers realize. Good luck with your search.

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