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    A3+ Printer Recommendations

    Well the Stylus 1400 gave up the ghost again today so I was forced to go out and buy a new printer. I settled for an Expression XP-900 and have to say it's pretty impressive. Not up to the quality of the 1400 but not too shabby at all. New parts for the 1400 ordered and should be with me next...
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    Stylus 1400 Paper Feed Problem

    Well ruffin, you know what they say about not crowing too soon ... the roller jammed up again today. I decided to get a replacement roller so spent an hour searching t'Internet for a supplier in the UK with absolutely no success. Several so-called official Epson spare parts suppliers have them...
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    Pauleduc, Sad to say that pretty much any four ink printer will print mono with a colour caste :( Even some of Epson's 6-ink printers still give a slight cast :(:(
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    Epson XP-810

    Hi BobHo, Have you tried running the scanner with the top cover up? Are the LEDs on one side out or less bright than on the other side? Steve
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    A3+ Printer Recommendations

    Hi folks, Having just brought my Stylus 1400 back to life - see thread on here somewhere - I thought it might be time to look at getting a new printer as the 1400 has done sterling work for the past four years and many thousands of sheets of photo paper have passed through its rollers. I'm not...
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    Stylus 1400 Paper Feed Problem

    What a job that was! To get (what turns out to be) the retardation roller out you have to pretty much dismantle the complete printer. I nearly decided to go buy a new one instead! Luckily I found a copy of the service manual on-line and managed to follow the instruction in there ... still got...
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    Stylus 1400 Paper Feed Problem

    Hi ruffin, Thanks for that. I found a YouTube clip that shows there is a spring inside the roller that may have snapped and jammed it. In the video the guy simply remakes the end and puts it all back together and it works. It's not the easiest bit of the printer to get to though - you don't...
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    Stylus 1400 Paper Feed Problem

    Howdy folks, I've not been on here much recently - you know how it is when things are going good :) A few days ago my 1400 stopped taking card I was using to print some order of service for a funeral. I managed to finish the print job using another printer but now the 1400 won't take anything...
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    What type of A3+ printer for seldom home printing

    Hi bluenite, Whatever you buy, the only way to prevent clogging is to use it. My workhorse A3+ printer is an Epson P1400 but that does maybe 10 prints each day and I use a Fotospeed refillable cartridge system - never gets blocked and ink is affordable. Laser printers are pants if you want to...
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    Epson always clogging, Canon Maxify a better option?

    Hi Jesse, I am a died in the woo lEpson fan but have owned several makes over the years. TBH, I think you will have the same issues no matter which printer you use - the problem is lack of use which allows the ink to dry in the head, caud=sing the blockage. Yes, this can be very difficult to...
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    Refilling Cartidges

    Absolutely no idea o_O
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    I cannot find the Paper/Media Selection dialogue box in PHOTSHOP CS5

    I'm not using CS5 anymore but this should be pretty close. In CS5, click on FILE >> PRINT In the dialogue box, just below the printer name is PRINT SETTINGS - click on this and the PRINER SETTINGS dialogue box opens You should now be able to see all the paper and print quality settings. Hope...
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    Refilling Cartidges

    Are they refillable? Almost certainly Will they work again? No. Well, not unless you can get a chip resetter from somewhere like eBay. Epson printers write to the chip on the cartridge when they think its empty. Refilling the cartridge doesn't reset the chip so the printer thinks its empty...
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    Head cleaning

    riklar, gaps in the test print are, as you already know, caused by blocked nozzles. This is one of the most infuriating aspects of owning an Epson printer and the only way to avoid it is to make regular prints - even if it's just a test page. If your print is not as black as it was there are a...
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    Epson SureColor P800 Paper Sizes

    I'm notat all familiar with your printer but is there an option in the printer settings dialogue box to enter custom paper sizes? This is normally found at the bottom of the list a standard sizes. It may depend on the application you are trying to print from.