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    Best Ink For MFC-J480DW Refills

    I have been refilling these cartridges for over three years without problem. I had a large supply of ink left over from when I was filling Epson cartridges 3 years ago. I bought a new set of refill inks as I figured the old ink was probably not good for the Brother print heads, though I...
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    Brother MFC-J480DW Using Refillables with auto reset chip

    I have been using refillables since early '17 in this same printer with no problems. I haven't allowed any updates either, and have had no problems with the cartridges. You should be OK. I am currently having some problems, though, with print density. The black is dark gray even with the...
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    Brother MFC-J480DW is a piece of ****!

    I mentioned I was having a problem with my MFC-J480DW. After inquiring on more than one "forum", I solved the problem myself. Though I have been working with built in maintenance and diagnostic routines for many years, I still neglect to read the books that come with the stuff (is that a...
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    Shoppers Unite

    I have not seen any printer advertiser that announces that their inkjet printer has a pre-planned end of life. As far as I have seen, they all do, with the purge counters and waste pad full end of life. Consumers have a right, in my opinion, to know what that end of life counter is. I would...
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    Brother MFC-J480DW Driver Setting

    I need to access the printer driver for the above printer. OS is WIN 10 Pro. All the info I get by googling for it is wrong. I cannot reinstall the driver, because I am using refillable cartridges with automatic resettable chips. If I reinstall the driver it will not recognize the chips. What...
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    Brother MFC-J480DW is a piece of ****!

    You obviously got the odd lemon. I have been using that model for over 3 years with refillable cartridges and until I monkeyed around with it a little, no problems. BTW... I'm 77, and have retired from the computer manufacturing industry, working around printers since 1983... I still don't...