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    EPSON WF-3640 "Downgraded (It cannot be updated)"

    thanks for your reply LBarnes! good to know all of that, i will now admit defeat and move on, I have managed to set up scan to Cloud and that is working well, also - thanks for heads up on the ability to scan to doc feeder - as thats what i really need! thanks again thanks to Epson...
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    Scanning on Epson WF-2750

    IM having exact same issue, ive uninstalled and reinstalled software 3 times with no joy! did you find a solution Sthayer?
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    EPSON WF-3640 "Downgraded (It cannot be updated)"

    LBarnes - this is EXACTLY my problem at the moment! we got new NBN wireless and the exact same thing has happened to me as did to you! did you end up finding the issue? i have uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times now! can print and scan FROM computer - but i need the printer to "SEE" the...