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    MG8220 replacement

    My MG8220 has finally died. I am looking for another Canon with similar capabilities. About the closest I've seen is the MAXIFY MB2720, but the only places I have found it in stock want around $250. I placed an order with Canon but, like everyone else charging $100, they are on backorder...
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    replacement for Canon Pixma iP5000

    Actually I didn't choose the MG8220 because of its photo printing quality, but rather a combination of paper-handling features, relatively modest footprint and reasonable price. About three or four times a year I use the motorhome to camp at events including air shows, the Reno Air Races and...
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    replacement for Canon Pixma iP5000

    Thanks for the reply, l_d_, but I changed my mind about the printer issue and ended up buying a Canon MG8220 (226 cartridges). I decided I could use a MFD after all, primarily in the motorhome at events, and the wireless feature is very handy in those situations also. I'm pretty happy with it.
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    replacement for Canon Pixma iP5000

    I'm very happy with my Canon Pixma iP5000 but it is getting tired and starting to act up, and I don't know how much longer I can count on it. I'm looking for a replacement, but all I find are MFDs. I don't want an MFD. I have a copier and a scanner, both of which are much better than any MFD. I...