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    My Brother Printer is useless. Ain't Heavy and ain't my brother!

    For you young snappers there was a song in my era "He ain't heavy, he's my brother." Well that surely dated me. :) I have a fairly new Brother Printer Brother MFC-J491DW [ec5c6831d77f] I don't know why. Can't explain it but went to use it and it wasn't listed anymore. Always has been. I have...
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    Banding or Horizontal Lines on Print - Epson ET4550

    Wow! That's a new one for me. Never had a well type. Maybe there could be some wear on the nozzle. Depending on how much you use it. Paper is soft, but it's like a micro-fine sandpaper to the extreme of course. But paper will wear things down. ?? Just a possible scenario. I'm curious how old the...
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    WF 5690- How to change from wireless to ethernet connection

    As I said. The same thing as support. It's maybe tedious but in such a move I think a whole fresh start is called for. Good luck. I've done it several times.
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    Banding or Horizontal Lines on Print - Epson ET4550

    They say don't answer if you don't really know. I don't. But so many of our issues find resolution by trial and error. Have you taken the ink pods out, waited a bit and replaced them. Is there anyway an ink head could have gotten damaged or finger prints on them? Can you put new pods in there to...
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    WF 5690- How to change from wireless to ethernet connection

    Might it be you have to go back to the installation disk? Or download the whole program. I use wireless, always have. But I guess if I wanted to switch I do an uninstall and a clear install. Not even from the last program in your Downloads Folder. Just get a new fresh one, unless you have the...
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    Cannot find ink level anywhere on my Epson desktop icons.

    Oh, I've been to Control Panel, Devices and Printers but can find nothing there concerning ink levels.
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    Cannot find ink level anywhere on my Epson desktop icons.

    I have searched and search everywhere you can find anything about Epson applications on my drive. Even Maintenance does not show ink levels. Just Nozzle Clean and I guess another. Print page maybe! But I find levels no where to view. Of course on the printer screen but it's in the next room. I...
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    HP has valid page in browser, valid IP, but wired report says no cable? and ....

    and it gets right to the end of the install after everything else checks out and says fatal error. This is with a new download from HP. Cables and devices have been turn off, waited, plugged back in ... nothing seems to work. Maybe something has for you. How can the printer have a valid page in...
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    New Ink Refill reports Expired?

    hphater? What a name? well This post was back in 2010 but it's still an issue that bugs myself and many. I just don't use ink all that fast and before I care to know it, it's telling me it's expired and have to hit 2 or 3 extra steps to get by it. Ghastly feature. but, I love the printer...
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    New Ink Refill reports Expired?

    HP C7280 All in One Wireless I hate this about this printer, that these ink carts are always telling you they're near gone, or about expired or expired and blah blah yadda yadda I put a new cartridge in and it reports expired. I then got to thinking how old the "new" cartridge was. That is...
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    My C7200 Series Printer and Windows 7 - Any Issues I should know about?

    I have the All In One C7200 Series Wireless Photosmart for several years now on my Laptop running XP. If I purchase a new laptop with Windows 7 and eventually Windows 8 could I expect to have issues, lose functionality? Thanks for any help / info! jack :o
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    HP C7200 Series All In One Wireless will not allow reinstall.

    I have the HP C7200 series All In One Wireless. I have had it installed on this present PC in the past. I was having conflicting issues so I uninstalled the HP software and installed it on another PC. Now I would like it back on this one again now that the PC is more stable. It won't allow an...
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    Faxing via wireless printer?

    I have the HP C7280 All-In-One wireless printer. Using XP Student/Home with 1.2 gig of memory. I hope that is enough to get started. I know this much about the HP. I can send a document wirelessly to the HP from the laptop to be faxed. My question is does there have to be a hard wired...
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    HP All-In-One gives false jam report!

    Well, it's false as best I can see. The C7280 has been a great product for almost 2 years, until today. Mind you, it's a creampuff. Even the inks expire before I use them up. That's another problem but it works through with pressing ARROW/OK. This problem is the paper jammed for the frist time...
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    Endless frustration with HP C7280 All-In-One

    I hope there is help here in this forum. I have a HP C7280. It has a lot of bells and whistles and I like the functionality when all is well and I use it wirelessly. It has a large registry profile and installs many HP programs in the installation. You can never tell when but the installation of...