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    Canon IP4500 Output tray closed when its not.

    What an excellent guide. Fixed in no time. Thank you.
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    CD/DVD direct printing

    Are you familiar with the "Lightscribe" technology available on many modern laptops?
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    Printing Nice Glossy Flyers

    you can use an inkjet printer which can produce around 4800 x 1200 Dpi .. or around there for good printing quality.
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    Canon IP6700D

    Try to Re-install the driver
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    print on plastic

    Zebra P330i - plastic card printer is the best printer under my knowledge so far
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    Printing very blue with lines.

    i used the same camera but had almost same issues..
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    Printing onto postcard backs

    Post cards are the one of the best way out to communicate and express your feelings, emotions and sentiments with your loved ones, friends and relatives through Postcards you can make an example of a best customer care.They are very much important whether you are related to a industry or either...
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    Printing Nice Glossy Flyers

    Flyers are the most effective and low costing promotional item to spread your words throught out the community. All flyers are printed on the quality 80/100lb glossy text stock. use the blend of advance printing methods to give you quality printing.
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    Oki c5800

    you can achieve your targeted printing goals now with stickers, banners and posters, we at provide you Bumper Stickers Printing,Booklets Printing Folders Printing, Full Color Vinyl Stickers Printing.