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    Epson 4730 copy page from magazine

    I fold the magazine to the page I want, put it on the glass, and try to make one copy. It always (almost) fails, throwing a blank sheet, and tells me there is a jam in the ADF. I go through the steps to tell it I have removed the jam, but I didn’t do anything. When I copy from a single sheet...
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    C331DN main paper drawer stuck

    I have taken the usual steps for handling a jam - removed toner assembly and looked around. Nothing. I suppose I may have loaded too much paper, but I can't open the tray to find out.
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    C331DN main paper drawer stuck

    A while ago, I loaded paper and shut the drawer. The next time I tried to open it, it refused to open. I thought I was going to break something if I pulled any harder - or hurt myself. Aside from this, it has been working reasonably well. Does anyone have any suggestions?