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    HP 4250 strange image

    Hp4250 was making almost blank pages. I installed a new (generic) unit and it produced prints like the photo attached. I took the new unit out and put it in another 4250 and it printed fine. Took cartridge from yet another good 4250 , put it in original printer but it still makes these weird...
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    XC6152 & C8160 Jams

    3 printers, 2 6152s 1 8160. Paper jams in optional trays. Codes are usually 240.xx. For example, if paper feeds from tray 4 then paper gets caught in pass thru ( pinch rollers ) of tray 3. Caught in these rollers. If paper feeds from tray 3 paper is caught and crunched up in tray2 pinch pass...
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    X950 Firmware Issue

    SOLVED. I was trying to update firmware with USB. I was able to successfully update via WEB BROWSER
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    X950 Firmware Issue

    I recently inherited an X950 to repair, and quickly realized firmware was a big issue. Looks like it has original firmware of LHS42.P451. Really old. The newest version is E6 P618. The problem is the new firmware wont download. Just says updating, but never does. Obviously its an engine code...