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    R2000 print problems

    Well, that's far more interesting a problem. Can you retake the photo of the printout with better light? It looks like there is /something/ printed on the yellow block space, I'd like to see what it is.
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    Is wf7710 good for me?

    WF-7710/7720 should provide comparible quality. I have several WF-7720s that I use for photo and poster printing. The ink you are mentioning appears to be dye-based. I know for a fact that the printer can use dye-based inks, because the ET-16500 uses the same print head and it takes dye inks...
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    EPSON: WF 4630 Weird Problem

    That is somewhat odd. The control panel, pictured below, attaches through a single plug and it's not on flex wire. At this point the most likely problem culprit is a broken trace or solder joint. Do multiple people use the device? Could someone have got fed up and jammed the copy button...
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    Epson ET 3760 ADF dark lines

    I really wish people would post their printer model. Different Epsons work differently. Some ADF lines can be a spot on the glass. Most Epson ADFs usually work by parking the scanner head furthest to the left and pushing the paper past it. Sometimes it's just the furthest left part of the...
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    Black ink spot printing

    There are a few things that can cause this. First of all, though, stop running head cleaning cycles. These are only for if there are clogged jets that aren't printing. It has the effect of running ink through the heads and which will only be dropping more ink where you don't want it inside the...
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    EPSON WF2710 Does this printer use Eco Solvent Ink .

    What on earth is EcoSolvent? I obviously live in a bubble. Epson inks use a combination of alcohol, water, and mild bases (generally amonia) for their solvents. The 2710 and 2720 inks are essentially identical. It shouldn't be an issue to purge the printer of ink to switch to sublimation.
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    paper feed problems

    This is most often because of a bad or jammed sensor. The printer begins feeding the paper and if the paper doesn't trip a sensor that tells the printer the paper has arrived, then the printer thinks the paper has jammed on the way there. Depending on the printer and the sensor this can mean...
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    R2000 print problems

    Hi, sorry just saw this thread. There is a lot of information to pass on here, so I'll divide it up. Ink levels: As far as your ink level goes, the printer doesn't have an ink flow meter. It isn't measure yellow ink used. It just knows how much ink is in each drop it tries to print and adds...
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    Black ink will copy but not print - other colors print

    The short answer is that the driver should only use photo black when printing on glossy or semi-gloss papers. The reality is that this may or may not happen and there is no way to tell what ink the Epson driver uses. The purpose for photo black is to have a black ink that works on glossy...
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    Each Brother printer using Two ports - WSD & TCP/IP

    I have two MFC-J6945DW printers and, like you, cannot stand the dual TCP/IP and WSD drivers. Brother themselves recommends bypassing the WSD for printing-only scenarios, at least this was my takeaway from a conversation I had with them about their drivers when the printer was new. Feedback is...
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    Epson Photomate Bluetooth

    It's not something I or likely many others have direct experience with. The printer is likely using a tiny BusyBox Linux distribution as it's internal OS. Whether or not any ole bluetooth dongle will work depends on how Epson set up that environment. If they have used normal USB detection...
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    Only one computer sees my new ET-2760 on my network

    First of all, you see multiple printers on the control panel because the printer has multiple ways to communicate with it. There are wireless "plug and play" protocols that the printer is announcing itself on, and also the more conventional network printer method. It's annoying, but I suggest...
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    Ink usages

    Unfortunately this is a known issue, especially with HP printers. HP uses thermal bubble jet technology, which has a tendency to clog more than the piezo that Epson and Brother uses. To offset this, they run a little ink through the print head every day, even when it's not being used. I'm...
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    Epson l3150 ink type

    The reason it's hard to find information is that they are dye-based and Epson doesn't like to advertise that fact because most people are looking for pigment nowadays. Almost all the Epson Eco Tank printers are dye. Even the ET-16500 is dye ink, even though it is identical to the WF-7620...
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    Workforce pro WF-5620 not recognising ink cartridges

    I use a lot of "compatible" cartridges. Unfortunately, they are most often somewhat cheap Chinese knock-offs. Also, keep in mind the contacts on the printer-to-chip were designed to work with cartridge chips that are changed whenever the cartridges are. They don't make very firm contact, and...