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    Epson T044220 Cyan Ink Cartridge

    You might want to try a remanufactured cartridges. Ink Oasis has them and they also have a nice return policy if you run into any problems.
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    Generic Toner Cartridges, Are They A Poor Investment?

    We sell a ton of compatible toner cartridges and while there are a few issues (I mean the stuff comes from China so it's to be expected), for the amount we sell there really aren't many problems. Compatible toner cartridges are a better investment in my opinion.
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    What is the best printer brand and model in terms of printing pictures

    I really really really like the quality of the Canon i9900. It has seperate ink tanks for all colors and therefore you don't waste ink. The quality is really good as well.
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    Canon PIXMA ip4500 OK for ip4700?

    Those printers do NOT use the same ink. The iP4500 uses the CLI-8 and the iP4700 uses the CLI-221 and the PGI-220 I used this site to find out - ip4500 ip4700