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    Generic Toner Cartridges, Are They A Poor Investment?

    Here's something that should be able to answer your question: an article discussing the differences between toner and ink. -
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    Paper Thickness / Paper Weight

    I suggest that you look for a professional who can explain the actual difference and meanings of the terminology used here. That is, if nobody on this forums has an idea.
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    Printing on 300gsm card

    Here are some links where you could get some reviews to help you decide.
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    Whats a Good printer for printing Posters

    Try google search. There's always a good list being provided for you in the market and you can even find out about reviews and comparisons from other people who have already tried and tested the printers.
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    What Printer?

    Performance-wise, the Epson WorkForce Pro WP-4515DN is the better choice between the two. It prints faster and provides a slightly better quality.
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    Printing Images

    You forgot to mention the type of Dell printer that you have. If you are using an all-in-one printer, you can learn how to print images here -
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    Printer advice needed!

    Not familiar with that particular printer, but if it's really that old, then you should expect to face a bit of trouble when looking for some cartridges for it. It might be better asking the seller yourself, though.
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    Printing Images

    Connect and install your printer then press ctrl p on your chosen image editing software. If you want to know more on what's in between, you are going to have to be more specific with your question.
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    Booklet printing

    Try looking through printer reviews or online manuals to see if any of them can give you some insight. Most likely though it's a configuration problem, so focus on that, too.
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    Canon ip4920

    Don't know anything about that particular printer, but I'm sure you can do a quick google search on manuals and troubleshooting tips that will help you. Even reviews can actually give you an insight on what might be the problem.
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    Printing on catalog paper

    There is a possibility that your chosen printer or paper just isn't right for your needs. There's always commercial printing, but of course you need to justify the costs for it. Think hard which alternative would offer the best results for you.
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    Cant Configure Business Card Print Settings IP4500

    Print settings will differ a little bit from printer to printer, so a good place to start would be looking for tha manual of your own printer's brand. Of course, the configuration and size settings will be done through the software and again, different software will entail different...
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    Printing onto postcard backs

    That would be a tough thing to do. Why don't you try experimenting with some configurations and see if you could find one that will work. Normally, though, postcards would be too small to print with using a tray-loading printer, seeing as these printers usually handle larger, full-size papers...
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    Business Cards Printing Marketing Tips

    Business cards are indeed the "handshakes" that you will leave behind with your clients and customers after everything has been said and done. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is that a business card's design and form come together in a coherent and effective partnership.
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    Printing Nice Glossy Flyers

    Printing on a paper with a nice glossy finish would be a good idea. You also have to make sure that yoru printer is capable of such quality.