Brother HL-2275dw connected via a switch to a lan doesn't wake up and print

Nov 24, 2016
I have 3 Windows 10 computers connected to a lan via a TP link switch. My Brother HL-2275 is also connected to the LAN on the same switch. I leave my printer on all the time.
If I boot up any of the 3 computers and try to print something it goes into the printer queue but doesn't print. I have to turn the printer off and on to get it to print. I have deleted the print driver via control panel and reloaded the print driver at least 20 times for each printer.

-I have the share printer box checked
-I have the Render print jobs on client computers checked
-It is using a standard TCP/IP port configured with the Port Name from the Printer Settings report page 3.

I think that the printer if it has fallen asleep should wake up when one of my computers tries tries to print to it.
QUESTION 1: shouldn't this be how the brother printer works?

However, this never happens. If I turn the printer off and on then I can print as many jobs as long as the printer doesn't go in sleep mode.


What settings do I have to change so that my printer will wake up when I send a job to it?



Feb 4, 2021
I have a Brother hl-3170cdw with same issue. The best fix is to download Apple Bonjour software, that usually fixes connection problems, I have found.

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