Brother MFC-J4510dw Power off itself without advice

Feb 14, 2021
Hello all,
My apologies, I posted on wrong forum.

My printer with around 2000 pages printed and going fine, turned off by itself a day, and I had to unplug for a while to start it again. Since then it starts, play the music, move the carriage left and rigth and then parks the head and powers off withour any message, beep, error or advice.

No way to power on until disconnected from power grid for a few seconds.

If I open cover, ink door or paper drawer, it starts, notify the error and stays waiting as normal, and allow to enter maintenace mode, where everything looks correct, and even allows to scan on glass or ADF via wifi, just as before, just with the open cover or door error on screen.

But if I close door or cover, whatever I opened, the printer moves the carriage back and forth as always did, and after parking the carriage on the right corner it suddenly switches off without any message, beep or error registered on maintenace log.

Tried to update firmware, and it performs ok until end, then it beeps and turns back to maintenance, but do not updates fw, downgrading fails as well.

Checked a different main PCB and got the same behaviour, although all sensors report ok.

Have you experienced similar behaviour?
Any idea?

A short video showing that, every time I start it, it does the same.

Thanks in advance, take care and stay healthy.
Best wishes from Spain.

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