Brother MFC6490CW barely producing any color

Apr 4, 2021
Brother MFC 6490CW.

It was having a print quality issue. Maybe 80% of dots on print quality test page were correctly rendered. Cleaning did not improve.

So I followed the instructions where you fold a paper towel under print head, remove the ink cartridges and I used a syringe to force fluid into each ink nozzle. Lots of ink on the paper towel.

Unfortunately the test page results got progressively worse each time I did this until I was getting nothing on the page.

So I took the printer apart following these instructions:

I got to the point where with the print head removed and a paper towel under, if I forced water in through the ink nozzle I would see a fine spray come out of the print head.

I reassembled enough of the printer to get it working but I'm still getting barely any output on the print test page. Usually a blank sheet. Occasionally a half dozen small bars of one color out of several hundred that should be output.

I've run several power purges (from maintenance menu) before and after taking it apart. No improvement.

If I print one of the web pages which has a full page of color bars, I get a blank sheet. The print head is moving across the page as it should. Just no ink is being output.

Any debugging suggestions? Or is it time for a new print head?
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