Cant find my printer utility button,

Nov 5, 2017
Hi Folks, I've got an Epson stylus photo R800, and have changed the computer it is attatched to, it was linked to an EMac, but now is linked to a Dell Windows 10 laptop, have installed all relevant windows software that came with the printer in CD's. I could print, but having run out of ink, I cannot find the Printer Utility which allowed me to view the ink levels in each cartridge, I have tried following installed help advice, to click on Monitering Preferences button in the printer icon, but the Monitering Preferences button is not there! Any ideas gratefully received.
Dec 7, 2016
Navigate as follows:
Control Panel -> Devices & Printers -> Right Click R800 Icon -> Select Printing Preferences
Under Maintenance Tab -> Select Status Monitor

Printer must be powered on

To verify whether printer is installed follow this:
Control Panel -> Devices & Printers
You Should See R800 Icon with Green Check
Green Check Indicates it is Default Printer
If No green Check, then Right Click Icon and select "Make Default Printer"

If you fail to see R800 Icon, then printer is not installed.
Printer Driver available here:
Be sure you select correct driver for your system (win 10 32 bit or maybe 64 bit)

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