Colour Problem - Pixma TS6051

Oct 16, 2018
I made a colour copy of a document that incorporated a wide range of colours and shades. (I used good quality plain paper). The result was quite pleasing - the colours were faithful to the original apart from the fact that some areas of very pale colour came out white (which I'm not too concerned about). I then scanned the same document to pdf and printed it from Acrobat (using the same paper and cartridges). The result was disappointing - colours were generally more muted and a bright yellow area was noticeably more orange when printed. I then tried scanning to a jpg and printing from the Microsoft Photos App, and the result was the same. In both cases the scanned image looked OK on the screen. I never had this problem with my old Pixma MP610 all-in-one printer used on the same PC with the same software. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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