Epson Expression XP-8600

Feb 5, 2020
I recently bought an Epson Expression XP-8600. Which I am using wirelessly, my router being
just a few feet from my laptop.
Picture quality is superb, which was the main reason for buying -having read so many reviews.
I have a problem when I try and print an existing document from my file – namely letters with my address heading.

Almost without exception, the display shows ‘Printing’, which immediately changes to ‘Preparing’-thinking that I want to print a CD . Once I have cancelled, the display tells me to remove the CD tray-which was never inserted anyway.

I had a telephone conversation with Epson ( for over an hour) who suggested the following checks – all of which were successfully completed.

1. Make a photo copy
2. Send an image from my imaging software (Photoshop) and print.
3. Import a scanned image into Photoshop and print.
4. Send and print an image from my I-Phone.

Based on those checks, the technician suggested that there was nothing wrong with the printer
and that the problem must be within M.S Word, which has always been my document programme.
I have since installed a free Programme – WPS Office and the problem remains !
I Have checked and double checked all settings before trying to print.

My OS Is W7 64bt. The only thing I can possibly put it down to is if the documents I have tried to print may somehow have been corrupted. I have read about certain MS updates that have caused problems, but quite why the printer would try to print a CD is baffling. Any ideas or suggestion will be welcome.

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