Epson LQ 2500+ (old matrix printer) problem.

Apr 16, 2019
An old printer lying for over a decade and half(at least).Hardly used,printed maybe 400 pages max.
Symptoms :- Printer gives POWER ON indicator,but LCD Panel is blank,printer does not initialize (no carriage moment),does NOT do Self Test (ie by Power On with Line Feed or Form Feed).No Buzzer sound.If paper is removed Paper Low (red) indicator comes ON.

1) Checked voltages on Power Board (35V,12V and -12V,25V,and 5V all checked -> OK
2) Changed SI 7300A IC with no change in status.Checked all driver transistors ( C3293,C3157 etc. as well as the twenty four D1579 used to drive print head solenoids) for shorts etc.Nothing found...
3) Connected to a PC and tried to send a file for printing,but printer does NOT initialize.
Is there a Repair Manual with Schematics available with anyone ? (Have already sent an SOS to EPSON Support with no results,so far).
RFH. (request for help).
Thanks for the help.
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