Epson Stylus Photo R800 Printing Problem

Mar 17, 2007
ok i have my own video business and i use this printer for printing cd's, dvd's, and dvd inserts. the printer is only 6 months old and i keep having this problem when i am printing dvd inserts. everything else prints fine. nothing wrong, but when i go to print dvd inserts it leaves a smudge everytime in the same place. sometimes it the smudge starts small but then increases. now i am printing on high gloss paper. when printing i choose the option of best photo and then i choose to print on premium glossy photo paper. could that be the problem? is there another option i should be printing on? the reason i used that option is because they print out so great and it did for like maybe 20 copies and now it is starting to do this. or is it the printer? has anyone else had this problem? if so please give me so advice because i have tried cleaning the heads and nozzles and doing all the tests and the tests prove to be fine.

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