Epson WF3620 prints sometimes but not always

Apr 3, 2020
Printer = WF3620
OS= Windows 10
Wireless home network connection

This has been a problem since I purchased the Epson WF 3620 and usually occurs when trying to print from e-mail , BUT, not always as sometimes it prints and sometimes it does not. My ink supply is full in all colors.
When I try to print the print screen appears and I select ; black , all pages if more than one and PRINT.
The screen reverts to the e-mail but will not print. The print queue status shows nothing in queue.
And sometimes it prints just as designed.
I almost forgot to mention, if I select my Brother printer that is on the wireless network I can print everytime.
I have spent an hour or two with Epson techs and nothing is fixed.
Is there anyone out there that has experienced this problem with the Epson WF3620?

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