experience with the Samsung color laser CLP-500 (Linux Windows)?

Discussion in 'Samsung' started by Frank Biens, Feb 29, 2004.

  1. Frank Biens

    Frank Biens Guest

    Hello everybody out there,

    Is there anybody with experience with the
    Samsung color laser printer CLP-500?

    I stepped over it because they advertised the "Linux compability"
    and the price is quite interesting (~650$).
    I was kind of leaning towards a PS-Printer, cause I'm running
    only Linux at home. After the experience with - and beeing
    tired of the ink-jets in the last years I don't want to have
    any trouble any more.

    For me it seems, as if the printer is a kind of GDI-Printer,
    but Samsung also provides the GDI-driver for Linux. I have no
    idea under which license, but I'll try to find that out.

    So, if there is somebody out there, who tried or has got
    this printer, someone who may be also able to compare the
    quality of the print to this of other printers,
    I would really appreciate to hear something about it.

    Thank in advance...
    Frank Biens, Feb 29, 2004
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