How to choose Best Ink for Printer


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Hello everyone I was facing the same issue and I found the best solution from here after deep research thanks for Reading the information
Depends a lot on your personal preference + what's easily available in your area. However you can always order online if that's an option for you, Precision Colors has been widely recommended, but I have no idea about first hand results as these are not available where in my region and ordering these online seems like a slow option for me at least.

Personally, among the locally available options, my preference goes for Canon original refill ink bottles. These work great on my printers (Canon, HP and the Brother models I had, it's been about 3 years since I don't use Epson anymore) for anything high res photography and stuff that I want to last, other than that, for non critical uses I prefer NKT, it's cheaper and works good.
Nov 6, 2022
In general, it depends on the printer model. I specialize more in 3d printers now, but maybe I can help you. What printer are you talking about?

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