how to know the cartridge in printer is internal or external

Nov 4, 2014
i recently i wanted to buy and printer cum scanner.. so i went to market.but at market i got confused and consulted a friend of mine,,, he told to buy one which has external cartridge,, as it will be refillable .. and it will cost less..

so my question is how to know the cart ridge is internal or external..
wid current market of printers,, can anyone pls give some models wid external

and pls shed lil info on this topic as well,, i mean internal and external cartrigde,,

thank u :)
May 14, 2014
I guess he is talking about laser printers where small models have all the parts in one big unit(toner, developer and drum). If you won't be printing very much I would suggest you buy a cheap ink printer, or a mono laser printer(only black and white)

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