How to make a CUSTOM paper size a STANDARD paper size

Discussion in 'Printer Discussion' started by micheal.kinney, Apr 16, 2014.

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    Jan 13, 2014
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    First off, Is there a more widely used printer forum? I don't mean any offense but it doesn't appear that many threads are replied to on here. I'll respond as I can to help with the community but if there's limited support here I'd like some kind of direction.

    My question is for Epson printers specifically: I'd like to know how (in Windows preferably) to change the supported page sizes of a printer. I've already tried modifying the "Print server properties" and added my custom paper sizes but even if I use a paper size the printer already supports and "Create a new form" with simply a different name, when I go to print, not even that option shows up. So I'm thinking that the supported paper sizes for the printer are hard coded somewhere but I don't know where to look. Unlike most printer drivers that use the dimensions to determine the supported page sizes, the WF-7xxx series of driver appears to use the specific page sizes by name or title (I don't know if I'm correct on this though).

    The problem I am experiencing is on a Epson WF-7010 and after some testing it appears that the same limitation exists for all WorkForce 7xxx series printers where you can EITHER print a standard page size in the list with borderless options OR you can print a custom page size BUT you can not do both; basically, as soon as you try to create a custom paper size, the option for borderless just goes away. So I figured I could trick the printer into thinking my CUSTOM page size was a STANDARD page size. And I figured the easiest way would be to add paper sizes through the "Print Sever Properties" on Windows.

    I've tried a few methods without success and could use some help.

    micheal.kinney, Apr 16, 2014
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