How to Replicate Print Drivers with PowerShell in XenApp 6.x

May 25, 2013

Complete the following steps to replicate print drivers using the XenApp PowerShell Cmdlets interface in XenApp 6.x:

From the source XenApp server, launch a PowerShell session as an administrator.
Check the PowerShell window title bar to confirm that you are the Administrator.
Ensure that all signed scripts are enabled to run.
Type: Get-ExecutionPolicy and press Enter to show the status of scripting.
If the status returned was Restricted, type: Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned and press Enter.
This gives an option to enable scripting in PowerShell. Press "Y" and then press Enter. Other options are [N] and [?].
Type Add-PSSnapIn Citrix.* and press Enter to load the module.
Type Get-XAPrinterDriver –Servername XASource where XASource is the name of the XenApp source server of the driver and press Enter.
To view the full syntax of the cmdlet used for replication, type Get-Help Start-XAPrinterDriverReplication –Full and press Enter.
Once certain which print driver to replicate, choose if you wish to manually replicate it or add it to the auto-replication list.

Note: These commands require the latest PowerShell SDK.


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