HP4200n - Windows Fail - Ubuntu Win

Oct 11, 2009
My printer of several years just stopped printing in Windows. I get the "Error-Printing" error when I send anything, notepad or otherwise.

It's a 4200n on a home network. I have a desktop PC with WinXp SP3 and a laptop that has the same, but also dual boots to Ubuntu.

The JetDirect card is only about a year old and was replaced under the recall. The printer also had its memory boosted to 256. The 'motherboard' was replaced before, too.

When the print failed several times, I uninstalled drivers, wiped the spool and deleted the drivers and registry keys. I reinstalled from scratch. Windows detects the printer just fine on the network.

I thought it might be something on my desktop, so I tried my laptop. It works just fine with Ubuntu. When I dualbooted over to WinXP, it would not work.

So... recap:
Been working for years
Just stopped
Fails on the 2 XP machines, but the dual boot to Ubuntu works.


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