Image skew

Jun 13, 2013
RICOH Aficio SP 3410DN, Win 7, 64 bit. I have found that if I create a long rectangle and place it near the left margin, the rectangle does not print parallel to the left margin! It's skewed, off about a 1/16 inch, which is substantial. I updated the driver to PLC 6 v 1.64 (the latest version) but the problem persists:mad:. When I print to another print (to my HP Deskjet), the rectangle is perfectly aligned. I tried printing with Word and with FileMaker (a database Program) and get the same result. Clearly, it’s not the fault of Word or FileMaker. Can this be a manufacturing defect with the RICOH printer? Or is it likely an unresolved driver issue I have had the RICOH for slightly over a year now and did not notice the problem until now since I seldom print large images near the left margin.


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