Installed a new ink cartridge, but the print quality is not improved.

Oct 14, 2017
While i installing the new ink cartridge, i have dislodged the print head from the carrier. I have replace ink cartridge many times but again and again printer shoe poor print quality and make mistakes while printing. I also try another to manage this issue but problem again same as it. Anybody can help me to remove or handle this query. Please explain to minimize that cause.
Nov 1, 2017
Here is the solution to your issue. I hope these tips might be helpful for you to resolve the printer problem.

1. Use a genuine ink cartridge to print your document or photo.

2. Check whether that you have removed all the tapes and stickers from the new cartridge.

3. Verify that the cartridges are placed properly into the respective slot.

4. After inserting the cartridges, close the cartridge access door properly. If the door is not locked completely, the printer will not print.

5. Ensure that the paper you are using is appropriate for the print job.

6. Verify the print settings in your operating system to ensure that they are suitable for your print job.

7. From the software application you are printing from, select File and then tap Print.

8. Access the Properties dialog box. Select the Properties option. The Print Quality option includes Best, Normal and Draft modes.

9. Based on your necessity, you can opt any one of the print quality options.

10. Print a Print Quality Diagnostic report from the control panel of your printer then evaluate the results.

11. Ensure that the cartridge you are using is dust free. If it is not clean, the printer will not recognize it while printing.

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