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Discussion in 'Printers' started by Bill 2, Mar 7, 2005.

  1. Bill 2

    Bill 2 Guest

    I've had it with the cheap inkjets on the market. I thought I would avoid
    junk by springing a little extra for a HP deskjet 3820. Shortly afterwards
    it was sold a lot cheaper than I bought it for as a disposible printer. I
    can see why. As it turns out almost all these units (and several other HP
    inkjets) suffer from an underengineered gear in the service station that
    lets loose after a year or so, rendering the printer useless. Mine suffered
    the same fate.

    So anyways, I want to get away from disposible printers and want a printer
    that will last, yet be economical. My print needs aren't overly heavy, I
    probably print a few hundred pages a year (pretty much all B&W).

    I'm considering a couple options:

    1) Locally I can get a used Apple Laserwriter 360 for $10. It needs a new
    cartridge, which are $130 CDN (locally remanufactured with 1 year warentee).

    2) The remanufacturing firm also sells refurbished printers. One such is
    the HP Laserjet 4 for $400. This comes with an $89 cartridge and a 3 month
    warrantee. This was/is a popular printer, so there are still parts for it.
    The lady I was talking to from the company said that they are extensively
    remanufactured and they haven't heard a lot of problems (For what it's
    worth). From what I read this is a very durable printer. At my university
    they have one, and even with all the abuse it has 374 000 pages on the
    counter and seems to work not too bad.

    3) A new cheaper laser printer. Is the Samsung ML-1740 any good? Brother
    HL-1435 or HL-2040? Lexmark E232? HP 1012? The Brother HL-1435 & HP 1012
    have been out for a while now, and I haven't found any major problems on the
    web. I'm more likely to go with something that's been on the market for a
    while, because if it had any major flaws chances are someone would have
    found them by now.

    4) Is there a half decent inkjet out with a low per page (refillible?)

    Any thoughts?
    Bill 2, Mar 7, 2005
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  2. Bill 2

    Al Dykes Guest

    IMO go for an HP 4 or 5-series printer. They can be fixed
    forever. You can probably find a local guy who can give you a
    flat-rate annual service agreement and keep it running. He might sell
    refilled carts that he garantees as part of the deal.

    To get an idea what can go wrong with particular model
    look at
    Al Dykes, Mar 7, 2005
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  3. Bill 2

    Douglas Guest

    The older Lexmark 49 series printers are cheap,well built and dependable.I
    bought a R+ with duplex unit for $79 for a small used car dealer.It has
    been used 2+ years on its original toner cartridge.He had to replace his
    inkjet cartridges every other month.The laser paid for itself in less than 6
    Douglas, Mar 8, 2005
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