Needed: Lexmark W810 Service Manual, 12G1750

Discussion in 'Lexmark' started by Pete Campbell, Feb 22, 2005.

  1. Hi,

    looking for Service manual for Lexmark W810, if anyone can help it would be
    much appreciated.
    Pete Campbell, Feb 22, 2005
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  2. Pete Campbell

    user Guest

    user, Feb 22, 2005
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  3. Thanks for the reply, but it's the service manual I was looking for. I can
    buy it off eBay, or from Lexmark, or from many other online dealers, but was
    hoping someone would have a PDF version they could post for free.
    Thanks again!
    Pete Campbell, Feb 23, 2005
  4. Pete Campbell

    user Guest

    How much does Lexmark want for that? Just curious, might need
    same someday. Thanks.
    user, Feb 23, 2005
  5. Pete Campbell

    Cosmo Guest

    Try ebay. Search for Lexmark Manuels. You can get a disk full of PDFs
    of the Lexmark service manuals for as little as $6.00 / disk. The disk
    are the same as the ones issued to Lexmark servicers.
    Cosmo, Feb 24, 2005
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