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Discussion in 'Excel Printing' started by Datasort, May 19, 2005.

  1. Datasort

    Datasort Guest

    I am trying to landscape print on legal paper. I have selected scaling/fit
    to: 1 page wide and 99 tall.

    The left and right top and bottom margins are set to 0 (trying anything).

    The problem is that I have about 2 inches of white spade on the right of the
    landscape page. Essentially I am not using the entire page to print and my
    columns are really squeezed.

    Any Thoughts

    Thanks in advance,

    Stewart Rogers
    Datasort, May 19, 2005
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  2. Those are two different dimension limits, remove the 99, from your
    1 pages wide by 99 tall
    if you would have printed more than 99 pages your sizes would have been
    reduced and that includes the width..

    Excel will squeeze printing down but it will not expand it to fit width
    of page.

    If you are not printing gridlines or borders turn on gridlines so you can
    see if you are actually printing empty cells.

    Always test in print preview so you don't waste paper

    Use Ctrl+End to find the last cell if that is further to the right
    of your data then you have a problem with lastcell; likewise, if it is further
    down than your data you would also have a last cell problem but you are
    only mentioning the width.

    To correct a last cell problem see

    Fit Print to Page, and Adjustments to Layout
    David McRitchie, May 23, 2005
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