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How to solve brother printer fading issue as described above

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Mar 29, 2016
Hello sir/madam,

I would like to bring your notice on that side I have Brother 7065dn Printer when I print document the print is fad at one side and some time I found lines on developer roller I have checked local market and they say it is doctor blade problem I have purchased new doctor blade after 100 - 200 prints the problem remain same then I again visit shop they said please change developer roller I have changed but after some day I still face same issue they advice me to when ever u found fading page clean the doctor blade because toner powder stuck on it and it works when I clean doctor blade it work fine and print quality good but one of the side is fade but I found every 3rd 4th day I clean doctor blade what should I please help me
I have attached image that will help you to understood my issue clearly


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