printer purchase n refunds : Ethics

Discussion in 'Printers' started by Elijah Bailey, May 10, 2004.

  1. I need a printer desperately, and am moving soon to a new place.
    If I buy a huge printer, i wud have to move it which i dont want
    to do.

    Is it ethical to buy a printer from BestBuy or CC or CompUSA,
    use it for my current printing needs (Which I can do all in
    one bundle, meaning i need the printer for 2-3 days only)
    and return it? (Maybe I can give them a new cartridge, If I use
    it up all).

    And I'm planning to rebuy the printer when I move to my new place.
    This would also give me a chance to use the printer and see if
    I really want it.

    But my friends think this is totally unethical to do,

    Any comments on my dilemma, Is there any adverse credit rating
    I get from doing this. Am I ruining my credit history?

    Elijah Bailey, May 10, 2004
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  2. Elijah Bailey

    Alan Guest

    Of course it's unethical. You already know that.

    And practically, if it's such a pain to move, how are you going to get
    it back and forth from the shop? And you'll have to spend ages doing
    paperwork. Doesn't seem worth it to me. If you really do have friends,
    ask one if you can borrow their printer for a few days, and replace
    the cartridge.
    Alan, May 10, 2004
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  3. Elijah Bailey

    jbuch Guest

    I have a pretty hard time understanding why you would think this could
    be ethical.

    Could you explain a little?


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    jbuch, May 10, 2004
  4. Elijah Bailey

    scram Guest

    I would suggest either use Kinko's for your printing needs, or after you are
    through printing, pack up your new printer in the original box and packing
    materal and ship it to your new address.
    scram, May 10, 2004

  5. So you do understand that it is unethical...:)

    Why do you think "rebate forms" are ethical?
    They make it to rip u off... They state all
    the rules before they play the game
    its not u consider rebate forms

    I'm doing everything by the stuff,
    use it, dont like it, they let me return it.
    I make buisness for them anyhow...I'll buy what
    I return anyway,

    why is that not ethical?

    They are in buisness because they let u do that,
    if not, I cud buy stuff from the cheapest place
    on the internet...

    I dont consider it unethical to use stuff and
    return it...(At least not if I'm rebuying it back)
    why should i? Gimme a reason?
    Elijah Bailey, May 11, 2004
  6. Elijah Bailey

    Jon O'Brien Guest

    Is different from:
    You're planning on returning it whether you like it or not. That's
    So this second-hand printer is miraculously going to appear in the BestBuy
    or CC or CompUSA in the town you're moving to and it will be the one
    you're handed when you go to buy it back?

    Your friends have told you it's unethical (good for them), several people
    here have told you it's unethical (ditto), why do you have such a hard
    time understanding that?

    For your information: not being able to distinguish right from wrong is
    one of the signs of a psychopathic personality. Perhaps you should seek
    help - with your English, too.

    Jon O'Brien, May 11, 2004
  7. Elijah Bailey

    Jimmy Guest

    If you have to have a reason to do the ethical thing, you are beyond hope.
    You know you will NOT be 'rebuying it back' as
    you will purchase a unused NEW printer the next time. Do the world a
    favor -- shoot yourself so we don't have
    to put up with your BS.
    Jimmy, May 11, 2004

  8. k!

    I gave up the idea...I guess i'll have to pay kinkos :(

    Elijah Bailey, May 11, 2004
  9. I'm truly hoping this posting is some kind of joke.

    Let's take the same situation, and this time you're the guy who gets stuck
    with the used or damaged goods.

    You have a new printer you never used. I buy it from you, use it, use up
    the ink, and after I'm done with the printing I want to do, I lie to you and
    tell you , I don't like it, or it doesn't work correctly, so I bring it back
    to you and demand my money back... what would YOU think of a person who did
    that to you.

    You want to know what's unethical.. it's simple... you're lying. You don't
    go in the store and tell them you want to borrow the printer for a week and
    run your printing job and then you'll return it for a refund, do you.? Why
    not, if it's "ethical".

    If you want to RENT a printer, than find some place that will rent you one!
    Who do you think swallows the cost of the printer you return used after
    lying about your intent? Well, the store does first, but ultimately the
    cost is passed on to other customers, so you are just ripping off other
    customers who don't play deceptive and dishonet games. Really nice. How
    would you feel if they sold you a used printer as new... I bet you'd be
    returning it to the store quicker than I can type "gee, what a rip..."

    How about ask a friend if you can borrow their printer and pay them for use
    and ink? Or hire someone to do your printing... Then again, maybe you
    don't have many friends... most people don't particularly want to be
    friends with someone who thinks the way you do.

    The store you buy and return it to has to take a loss due to your actions.
    You're buying it "again" someplace else, but even if the purchase were to ne
    made at the same store chain, that doesn't resolve the lose. The reason
    it's unethical is because your intent is deceitful and dishonest.

    As to if some rebates are also dishonest, that's completely irrelevant.
    Some people kill other people and that doesn't exactly justify your doing
    the same.

    Sounds to me you are trying to rationalize bad behaviour. But, if you
    didn't know better, you wouldn't have asked to begin with, so you obviously
    know it's wrong. So do yourself a favor, follow what you know is correct,
    and rent a printer or find someone to borrow it from and compensate them for
    your ink use.

    Arthur Entlich, May 11, 2004

  10. I think you made the right decision. You are a better person for it, and
    saving a bit of money doing the wrong thing, just leads to your own loss of
    self-respect. Not worth it!

    Arthur Entlich, May 11, 2004
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