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Discussion in 'Printers' started by Versy Tyle, Aug 15, 2003.

  1. Versy Tyle

    Versy Tyle Guest

    Some questions I'd be truly grateful for answers to - I hope it's not too

    Will Lexmark printer cartridges endure a significant number of refills
    before the print heads wear down to give an appreicable denigration of
    quality? I mean, if they're (say) the larger cartridges (which seem to be
    getting ever rarer), does it amount to as good as economics as with any
    other kind of cartridge, to refill?
    Lexmark told me the reason my printer went hay-wire (internal circuitry
    irreparably damaged) ws my refilling. They were lying, right?
    The advice the shop gave me is not to by generic cartridges, because these
    are recycled. Reckon that's advice worth adheing to?
    Can you refill Lexmark cartridges with Epson ink, nondetrimentally?
    What about getting Lexmark's combined printer scanner - is there anything
    to be wary of there, except that the scanner is not very high res and the
    printer cartridges are small?
    Versy Tyle, Aug 15, 2003
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  2. Versy Tyle

    jkh Guest

    I think I qualify in answering all your questions as I have owned
    nothing but lexmark printers for the last 6 years until my recent
    canon I850 purchase.

    Lexmark cartridges will refill many times provided you use the proper
    ink. Colors may match with some generic ink but the viscosity may be
    totally diffrent and may dump heavily. Find someone that sells
    cartridge specific bulk ink. They are very easy to refill.

    Economically, if you arent a heavy printer, you can make a set of
    cartridges last for a long time. I had one set last about one year
    through about 10 refills. Then it just finally quit. Im sure the
    element burned out as the ink flowed just fine.

    Refilling has nothing to do with the internal circuitry. The software
    drivers asks if the cartridge is new or not just to reset the ink
    level and offer an alignment.

    Generic cartridges are just fine. Remanufactured cartridges you
    definately want to stay away from. They are nothing but used refills.

    I dont think I would use Epson ink in the lexmark. Different formulas
    may clog the heads immediately.

    As far as the lexmark combo machines, a friend had one and had nothing
    but trouble. I suggest getting seperate components.. Scanner and

    Now if you want a very nice printer that will be 100 times better and
    more economical and easier to maintain, look at the canon line. I love
    my I850.

    good luck.
    jkh, Aug 15, 2003
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  3. Versy Tyle

    Ben Cooper Guest

    We have a Lexmark X83 and X73. We haven't had any luck refilling the color
    cartridge. With the black ink, however, we usually get around 50 refills
    before the cartridge bites the dust.
    Both situations are possible. We did have a brand new Lexmark X73 that was
    ruined by using refills.
    Never used them so no experience to relate.
    I wouldn't chance it.
    The scanner's not great but it's passible. I always have to perform some
    color and brightness correction after scanning.

    I wouldn't recommend a Lexmark to anyone. For a great, inexpensive printer
    look for a Canon i550. We get some excellent prints with that printer. If
    your looking for a higher end get the Canon i9100. We get some truly
    fantastic looking prints with the i9100. Highly recommended.
    Ben Cooper, Aug 15, 2003
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