Refilling or Using 3rd Party Ink for Canon Pixma MG7120

Discussion in 'Canon' started by RealtorDC, May 1, 2015.

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    I'm a long-time Canon printer user. I used to have a laser B&W that I drilled a hole in the drum and would pour toner in once or twice a week. I print a lot so being able to refill cheap is a priority. That worked great, then I got a Pixma MX882. I got a kit where I drilled a hole in each ink cartridge and refilled it with a syringe. The printer seemed to still think that the printer was low on ink so you hit the STOP button and held it for a few seconds and that would over-ride this error.

    Now I have an MG7120 and I have successfully refilled the original cartridges several times but it seemed like maybe either the little nozzles dried out or something changed because recently I tried refilling them and they would not work. Then I said well I'll just buy new cartridges and refill them when they are done, so I bought 3rd party cartridges. They printed out some photos but the Black printing would not work at all. I called Canon support and they told me that you cannot use a 3rd party cartridge. I say bologna that's company 'spiel', there has to be some work around. Can anyone tell me what I can do?

    I've been rummaging the internet it seems like maybe taking the chip off my original Canon cartridge and putting it on the new 3rd party is an answer? Or they are selling 'chip resetting' tools? What is the answer to refill cheap?
    RealtorDC, May 1, 2015
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