Ricoh MP C3004 - factory reset

Nov 30, 2021
I have just acquired a Richo MP C3004 from an office liquidation sale. The printer works as a copier but I am unable to configure any of the printing parameters or print via USB or network as the previous owners have put an admin password on all the settings, all I can change is the copier general settings, colour, layout, duplex etc. I have tried to contact the previous owners to get the password but was unable to get it. I have tried a couple of so-called "bypasses" found on the WWW but to no avail. So, do any of you guys know how to do a full factory reset without having the admin password to hand.
Thanks in advance
Sep 24, 2021
default admin password is admin then blank (nothing dont write blank)
only supervisor can change admin password
default supervisor password is supervisor then supervisor
on these machines these passwords are set when first setting up machine they could be anything but these two are the default
if you cant get passwords to work you need to change the nvram
which i think you can only get from a dealer

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