Unable to print using iPad from Apple pages and Numbers.

Nov 2, 2017
Epson WP 4535 iPad ver11.1
After the release of update 11 on my iPad I have been unable to print from Apples pages and numbers (be 3.3) whereas previously I had no problem. I can however print from other apps (Adobe) on my iPad, the paper being fed from the bottom cassette. Also I’ve kept my iPhone at release 10.3.3 and this is able to print fine from the bottom cassette of this printer.
When I select print in Pages or Numbers, either app sends to the printer ok and try’s to select the rear tray rather than the bottom cassette. The printer takes the paper from the rear tray but doesn’t print and tells me there’s a jam. If there’s no paper in the rear tray it doesn’t take it from the bottom cassette it says there’s a jam.
Apple support were no help.
Any help is appreciated. Thanks Dave.

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