Which Printer Is Cheapest Cost Per Print

Jun 22, 2017

I am currently using Phaser 7760 running a small printing shop.
When using xerox page pack program, they were charging me 0.45 per print
I opt out to use compatible toners and it cut down the cost greatly.

Because I am running a small shop (most of my print is full images and I need to be able to print in a 12x18 page or 11 x 17 at least) I am considering to buy a 2nd printer so that If my 1st printer fail to run, I have a back up.

I wondering if any expert here knows which brand or model of printer have a good history of refilling your own toner powder, cheap and widely available compatible consumables (imaging unit/drum/roller etc)
And perhaps what would the cost to print a full color 11x17 page would be (not counting other consumables other than toner)

Thank you so much for your time and expertise
May 30, 2017
I suggest an HP printer, because it last for the long run. I want to know your preference is an inkjet or laser printer. Normally the color laser printer are somewhat expensive. But black and white is in nominal price. So tell me your requirement, then I can suggest you the best and cost effective HP printer. Because am using HP printer for a long time

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