Yellow not printing Pixma MP140

Discussion in 'Canon' started by zoghrob, Oct 21, 2010.

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    Oct 21, 2010
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    I have my Canon Pixma MP140 for about a year now.
    When my 1st color ink cartridge (which came with the printer) showed "low ink" I refilled it, but after the 3rd refill I found it printing without the yellow color, though it was full. So I replaced the cartridge with a new one. last March & all went well. Now it's happening again, I used the new cartridge fine & when it showed the "low ink" I refilled it, after the 3rd refill which was 3 weeks ago, all was going fine, but SUDDENLY today's morning, the yellow color failed to print, I tried cleaning & deep ceaning but to no avail. The nozzle check pattern prints all great except for the yellow, the capital "Y" shows nothing infront of it, & the small "y" shows very faint yellow line, despite that when I clean the cartridge with a tissue paper, yellow ink shows along with other colors nicely. When I choose HIGH PRIHNT QUIALITY, yellow prints, but faint, otherwise not.
    I tried cleaning with a tissue soacked in hot water but still no good

    Why the yellow each time ??
    I checked the cartridge & it's full.

    Can i get it back to work again ?? It's tough to keep buying cartridges evry 6 months or so, besides, I found many people saying they refilled their cartridges dozens of time >>> What did I do wrong ??

    Any clues ??
    Can You help me please ??

    zoghrob, Oct 21, 2010
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