Acer ZC700G desktop having problems with HP MFP M26nw Laser printer scanner

Apr 5, 2018
The printer ceased printing and I could not open status and alerts so I uninstalled the driver, then reinstalled it. Afterwards status and alerts could be opened but the printer would not take commands from the computer, and diagnostics concluded that the printer was off? Since the computer was more apt to fit that description. I disregarded the conclusions that diagnostics came to via that computer. I had already had two previous battles with this printer computer combo: The first time hp resolved it, taking remote control of my machine. second time, I took care of it, accept I did away with the printer using wifi. I had initially set it up with wifi so thats not a problem. but as things got convoluted I wanted to keep it simple. Finally I disconnected the printer cable and installed the driver to my macbook air 2012 os10.10.5 using wifi and the printer works fine with the mac. Mean while back at the farm what about that Acer over there?

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