Automate printing of pdf files... how????

Discussion in 'Printer Discussion' started by ChuckDrago, Jun 17, 2009.

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    Jun 17, 2009
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    Hi everyone,
    We have a substantial number of pdf files (actually, product manuals) which we would like to have available on demand at the click of a button. The user (our product packer) does not have the time to select the various print options each manual requires. He should click a button, staple the document, insert it in the product he is packing and go to the next.
    I wonder if anyone knows of a print utility that allows saving the print set up associated with each document, to acomplish our objective.
    Someone suggested we save the documents "to File", after configuring the print set up, and then "get the print ready file to Windows as a binary object with all PJL commands intact", adding that this latter requires programming for which he quoted a number out of reach.
    I did the first portion (saved Print to File), but the resulting file has no extension, can't be re-opened by Acrobat and it shows no Print option on right click.
    So, my three (or four) questions posed to you all are:
    1) Print utility to do it?
    2) Code to insert a Print Ready file to Spooler?
    3) What am I getting on those "print to file" files I saved? Are they printable?
    Printer is LaserJet 8150DN/Docs are all pdf.
    Thank you all
    ChuckDrago, Jun 17, 2009
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