Backwards printing problem in MFC-J6910DW - fixed in MFC-J6920DW?

Jul 12, 2012
I have the MFC-J6910DW and it's a nice printer*, except for the reverse order print problem.
I found out when I bought it, that the protocol was screwed up, and it printed a 20 page document with page 1 on the bottom, so I had to reverse all the pages by hand, OR set it to print in "reverse order" so that it came out with page 1 at the top ( not really reverse order - CORRECT order ). The problem with that, was that it caused a processing problem doing the reverse order printing. If I printed more than about 40 pages, it takes a very long time, and often fails.

But what I'm wondering now: Does anyone know if the MFC-J6920DW has fixed that problem, so it doesn't HAVE to be set to reverse order, to print CORRECT order?

( * Except for the same problems that so many inkjets have - that they won't operate without color cartridges, so if I do only monochrome printing, I have to keep feeding it color cartridges. Yes, I used to use a laser but it made me cough and getting an inkjet solved that. )

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