bjc-2000 started to misdetect correct genuine cartridge

Apr 4, 2009
Seem to be going round in circles on this one and would welcome your help.


1) Printer working fine.
2) During large print run notice machine going through motions but no ink coming through.
3) Change both cartridges (Genuine BC21 Black & BCI Colour tanks in BC21e Cartridge)
4) Following this, get "unsupported cartridge (BC-23) detected".

Actions so far [to no avail]:
a) Reset printer
b) Re-install drivers
c) Install later version drivers (1.62 from velocityreviews)
d) Clean print head.
e) Swap cartridge with bjc-4300 (also Genuine BC21 Black & BCI Colour tanks in BC21e Cartridge)
- bjc-2000 cartridge works fine in bjc-4300
- bjc-4300 cartridge does not work in bjc-2000 (again unsupported cartridge (BC-23) detected prompt.)

Is this a known problem? ... any thoughs most welcome?

Many thanks,

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