Bringing old Epson WF-7610 back to life

Feb 3, 2021
This is a multi-part question...
I have an Epson Workforce WF-7610 Large Format Inkjet printer which is somewhere around 7-8 years old (ballpark) with the "Precision Core" heads. It used to work great, but ever since I got a color laser printer the inkjet fell into disuse and has been sitting at least 2-3 years. Well, except for using its large format scanner on a few occasions. So no doubt it is badly clogged and all my old ink is no good. I want to bring it back to life because the laser is normal letter size and I want to print technical drawings on the large 13" X 19" paper the Epson is capable of. Did some Googling on unclogging techniques and even how to change the head if necessary. And of course Amazon and others sell declogging kits. One video I found showed soaking a paper towel with steaming hot water then parking the head over it. Makes sense to me. I would like to hear what techniques you have had the best, or worst, luck with and if you resorted to a declogging kit, how well did that work? Any 'gotchas' I need to watch out for?
Second question is whether to install chipless firmware or get a chip resetter and any good or bad experience you have had with them. The chip resetter seems like a better solution because if I understand this correctly--- you can reset the cartridges back to 100% full and the printer will track usage and keep a (relatively good) indication of how much is left. Whereas with the chipless firmware it supposedly just thinks the cartridges are always 100% full.
Next question regards refillable cartridges. They are all marketed as being for sublimation ink, but is there any reason they can't/won't work with normal ink? And I'm guessing a chip resetter won't work correctly as that apparently needs genuine cartridges?

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