Brother HL 3180CDW "Drum!" problems

Aug 30, 2022
This printer has been trouble free for a number of years, but in the last 6 months, it constantly stops and issues the "Drum!" error. For this printer the laser toner cartridges have a slider that you slide left to right a few times to clear the error.

For the first few years, never saw this error. Would replace cartridges as they became empty but no errors and no problems printing. But now I cannot print three jobs before I get the Drum! error and have to open the machine up to keep going.

So the basic question is this: Is the source of the error:

1) The machine is wearing out, time to shop for another one
2) It is related to the cartridges (which are not Brother brand, but have worked well in the past)
3) Something needs to be cleaned inside, or
4) Something else.

Your input appreciated!

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