Brother QL-810W Deploy Via Print Management cant auto detect size

Jul 1, 2021
I'm having an issue with my Brother QL-810W that I'm trying to deploy via GPO and print management. The issue I'm seeing is that, while the printer deploys properly and I can print to it, its unable to automatically determine the paper size. I get an error "printer is off-line or no media is installed." if I click on "Detect Size and Colors" button in P-Touch editor. If I manually select the size, I can print to the printer no problem.

I downloaded the latest driver off their website for Windows Server 2016 (only the print driver). Installing it makes it show up in Print Management on my server, which I then right click and Deploy with GPO from there. I don't do anything else, just your typical printer deployment. I separately deploy P-Touch editor from a MSI installer. If I run the same driver (driver only not full software) it fully works with the deployed P-Touch editor.

Has anyone else successfully deployed a Brother label maker and had all the features work or am I asking for too much here?


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