Cannon MF643C: MF Scan Utility closes during scanning process and then does not work

Mar 24, 2020

I have Cannon MF643C.

This problem occurred once or twice before but now it happens ore than 50% of times.

Here it how it happens:

I run MF Scan Utility.
1) When I start scanning process, (irrelevant of whether Glass or Feeder), MF Scan Utility crashes (closes, but without any error). In the same time,
2)the screen of the MF643C shows a rolling wheel and "Scanning" but it does not end.
3) The feeder or photo device on glass move normally till the end.
4) When I reopen MF Scan Utility again, it returns a message:
"Cannot communicate with the scanner. Cable may be disconnected, scanner may be turned off. Check the scanner status. The scanner driver will be terminated."

Resetting the MF643C does not resolve the issue.
Rebeeting the PC does, but it's time consuming and also does not guarantee that the same won't happen again next time. As said before, it occures now more than 50% of the time.

Turning off VPN or connecting via a USB cable does not resolve the issue.

Printing keeps working as normal, so only the scanning feature is affected.

Please advise! It would really help me out!

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