Canon i-sensys MF744cdw - Running without colour toner

Sep 2, 2023
I bought the MF744cdw about 2 years ago. Since then the color toner has run out but a very small quantity is still there which is never enough to give a good printout.

Whenever I turn the printer on, it says that the toners have run out so need to be replaced. If I take the toner cartridges out then it says that cartridges are missing please insert them. Sometime by mistake the print settings on the computer end are left at colour print and then the printer gives a terrible color printout. All of this is very annoying.

Is there a way to permanently disable colour printing such that the priner never asks for new colour toner catridges since the current ones have run out, and the computer always always always gives black-white print command unless state otherwise i.e default for all applications is black and white.

I really want to know how I can disable the printer bothering with colour toner and cartridge level and colour printing option since I won't be buying the expensive toner cartridges for quite some time.

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