Can't connect my Canon PIXMA TS6350a to my Android Phone

Aug 21, 2023

i can't connect my Canon PIXMA TS6350a to my Android Phone (Motorola Edge pro 20 with Android 13). However, it connects to my tablet just fine.

First off, the printer and my phone are both connected to the same 2,4GHz network.

The network signal is 100% according the the print out.

When I open the app it lists some printers and asks if my printer is among them. I choose "no".

Now it searches for my printer.

It doesn't find anything, so I skip to the next menu.

Now I have to put the printer into "link mode".

I have pressed the link button for 3 seconds. The printer says to follow the instruction in the app.

The app finds the printer ...

...and tries to connect to it.

Connection is established.

"Communication with printer has failed"

The now tells me to connect the printer via an "Online handbook"???

Doesn't help at all. It doesn't even find my printer there.

Does anyone have an idea? I'm at my wits end.

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